Fiddlesticks is

Organised, colourful chaos.

It’s musical fun and shared games, intentionally steeped in developmental theory.

What looks like noise, laughter and play, is a carefully curated array of activities, designed to grow your children in the most natural of ways, and nurture excellent music skills! We use authentic instruments made of natural fibres, and often delve into the music and movement of other rich cultures.

Here at Fiddlesticks, there’s a place in the circle for every body. We aren’t separated into performers and observers here. When you step inside the studio walls, you hold a piece of the music too.

The music belongs to all of us, and holds us all together.
Our classes are explorative.

They’re a multi-sensory experience that tickle our sight, smell, hearing and touch. Every Fiddlesticks class is alive with imagination, as room is given for the children to do what they’re best at - create.

Together we play with pitch, beat, rhythm and a myriad of other tools, as we explore the magical world of music.
We communicate in


And Fiddlesticks offers children a wide palette to draw from.


hello Friends

I’m Jayne - Director of Fiddlesticks and Conductor of Melodious Fun!

Fiddlesticks came about during a deep and difficult time in my life.
When I needed a Village most, I built one.
A gathering place for like-hearted families.
A love of music was just the thing to bring us all together.
The power of belonging, especially for young families, is a cornerstone of the Fiddlesticks philosophy. Not just for the Children, but for us Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. It’s not easy raising little ones whilst navigating the many challenges life brings, and I don’t want anyone to feel they’re doing it alone. Fiddlesticks is my way of supporting parents using music education.

I grew up playing Violin (and have taught it for 25 years now! Yikes!) and attended the Conservatorium of Music at the University of Melbourne.

As well as running Fiddlesticks, I’m also Concert Master of the Gippsland Symphony Orchestra.

Teaching music is my jam. But community is the beat that makes it all make sense. I have a passion for growing the creative arts in our corner of the world. I’ve seen the way they transform and enhance lives, and I’m harnessing that magic in our little studio in the streets of Warragul.

I bring my inner child to every Fiddlesticks class, and I hope to meet yours too!



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