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What do you do in classes?

Each of our classes is different, but we incorporate the same ideologies in each of them. Our music classes involve dancing and movement, singing and learning to make new noises, and learning to play different instruments. There’s a time to listen and follow, and a time for independent exploration. There’s a time for us adults to connect and play with our children, as well as a time to sit and observe their choices. Any class might involve an array of props to engage the imaginations of our little ones! 

What is your philosophy?

Our philosophy is a mixture of intuitive understanding and research-backed knowledge. Our philosophical beliefs include - A deep belief in the power of the Village to grow and nurture children. A deep respect for the connection between child and adult. Our classes are intentionally family centred, with adult participation in the fun encouraged. That music has far-reaching benefits to the minds, bodies and spirits of those immersed in it. That play and exploration are the foundation of all learning. That the arts are a powerful thread, woven through every culture on every continent, dissolving differences and unifying human-kind.

What should we wear?

Anything that allows for free movement and participation in the activities!

Who can bring the child?

Any adult can accompany the child! Whether parents, guardians, grandparents, aunties, uncles or friends! This is completely up to you.

Can I drop my child off for class and leave?

Our classes are all family centred and each child should be accompanied by a supervising adult.

What is the curriculum?

Kinder Violin Lessons are small, group violin lessons of 3-4 children under the tuition of Jayne.
In these lessons, each student is fitted to a violin, which they take home to practise.
We balance the lessons with musical games, singing and general musicianship skills. Formal note reading does not occur until the technique is mastered. We use this time to set the children up for private lessons once they reach school age.
More information about the curriculum can be accessed by contacting Jayne.


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