A Little Help from my friends

We certainly get by with a little help from our friends! Life is hard, raising children is so full on with no reprieve!

It's such a time, we need to be gentle with each other. Everyone is feeling so burnt out and not much in life has gone to plan lately. Dreams of what we thought being a parent have been shattered by the restraints of the pandemic and burn out and fatigue have set in for many.

Do you have family around? Or friends that lend a helping hand? When we meet every week it is the perfect opportunity to start developing new friendships for both children and adults. See someone sitting alone? Be the first to introduce yourself and get to know each other a little more. Whilst our hands are stitched up looking after kids, it certainly can lighten the load to laugh or cry it all off with sympathetic, understanding ears. Music and children are our connecting factor. Socialisation, well being and support is for everyone!

Have you looked into locking in some more support? We have a great network of local businesses that can help with your parenting journey, get in touch if you would like to know more. It doesn't have to be super expensive finding support for you and your family. Sometimes finding someone to watch your children while you go for a walk alone is the very thing needed to brighten your day. Or if you have a complete koala baby, extra hands may be able to assist in other ways, like doing dishes and hanging out clothes. It requires one of the hardest things as a parent though...to ask for help. We don't have to be shy in asking able people around us and if we don't they actually probably will not twig that you are in need.

I actually didn't not have much of a village at all when I started having children. Before I moved to Warragul to be at least closer to my Aunt and her kids, I had no one during the week to help. My husband worked an hour away and very long hours, it was impossible and I felt completely unsupported and isolated. I had to make some pretty drastic changes to find support for the sake of my mental health. We're just not meant to be doing this gig alone! Western culture have put so much pressure on the parents to single handed juggle raising and caring for children, whilst making money to survive. We can't all live near family, sometimes work determines where we need to live. So, where is the village?

Have you considered branching out your network to teenagers? It was my answer in the end. Many are willing to work for a little cash and have the energy at the end of the day that completely evades us right as we hit 'the glorious time of day' (5pm anyone with me? Not so glorious, tantrummy get in the bath eat your dinner properly, don't fall asleep yet mode) It is also a time for them to chat and be mentored by the generation above...the folks who will be THEIR village one day. I also loved the distraction by the end of the day and to talk about something other than wee, poo and vomit, while folding clothes together. Win win! Next question, where do we find them all?


Fiddlesticks came about during a deep and difficult time in my life. When I needed a Village most, I built one.
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