Category: Building the Villages

Thoughts and stories from the Chorus Master herself.
8 February 24
Take Off!

Oh wow! What a start to the year. Class enrolments have been steady and many of our sessions are fully booked out. What does this mean? It means that young families like yours are really choosing to value music as a part of your children's lives. Whether you had the privilege to pick up an […]

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14 May 22
A Little Help from my friends

We certainly get by with a little help from our friends! Life is hard, raising children is so full on with no reprieve! It's such a time, we need to be gentle with each other. Everyone is feeling so burnt out and not much in life has gone to plan lately. Dreams of what we […]

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17 February 22
Covid Crash!

What a week! How often do we get to a Friday and think, well that didn't all go to plan, but some how we got through?! Parenthood is always messy, never straight forward for anyone! One of my daughters tested positive to Covid last Friday, I'm sorry to have missed you all in class! However, […]

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