Covid Crash!

What a week! How often do we get to a Friday and think, well that didn't all go to plan, but some how we got through?! Parenthood is always messy, never straight forward for anyone! One of my daughters tested positive to Covid last Friday, I'm sorry to have missed you all in class! However, Libby and Davina our new teachers in 2022 have already stepped up and helped to make music still happen for all the little one's. How lucky we are at Fiddlesticks to witness organic, natural growth and evolution of a creative arts business. I have a team, YAY!!

I've been reflecting in iso all week about the thought of everyday people in our lives being great role models and speaking into the lives of our children. People other than parents to support, nurture, re-direct paths and help develop helpful questioning and self awareness. Who are these people in your life? Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents, Godparents? Or family friends, the family you choose to come around your most precious beings? My daughter is thankfully on the mend now. 4/5 of our family members, including me, have recovered from Covid. My biggest symptom was actually anxiety! I didn't know what to expect, there is much fear around the virus and not enough information about how you can practically fight the illness. I'll share with you what helped us the most...meals being dropped off, friends calling to chat whilst seeking sanity in isolation, shopping and errands being tended to by our trusted circle....oh, and icy poles were really, really good too! Oh how we need community!

It's a pillar of Fiddlesticks, because the Arts build community and brings people together. Do you need this village around you? Perhaps, this is the very thing you will stumble upon when you visit our tiny corner of the world...a place where you and your family belong.


Fiddlesticks came about during a deep and difficult time in my life. When I needed a Village most, I built one.
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