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To you, to all of this…a website finally, a blog, a space virtually, perhaps one day physically, where a small-town artist can connect and dig a little bit deeper about all things community, Arts and Culture. Many enjoy talking about the Arts and why not, it is such an immersive part of our human being to use glorious mediums discovered and yet to be discovered, to pour our heart and soul into as sound and visual representations. When in a community of the Arts however, it all becomes about the doing, the creating, the electric element that makes our inner spirit feel elevated and so alive!

Fiddlesticks has been the beginning of my journey as an artist in the Baw Baw region. When I rocked up, there was not enough available in the Arts to satisfy my need to connect and create, or more importantly, my children’s needs in the future! Looking back, I was so incredibly fortunate growing up in Bendigo to have had key people speaking into my life, from a very early age, to ignite my passion for the Arts. Every opportunity that I was given has led me to where I am today, and put simply, I want this for my own kids…I know there are many others who think and feel the same way I do on this topic!

So, one simply cannot complain, but choose to do instead and that is exactly the pinpoint argument I had with myself the day Fiddlesticks was born. We should never, ever wish the stages of life away, but I am extremely excited for years to come when our own community, the Fiddlesticks community, grows in a way to support little children, who grow into big children and teens and eventually adults who are actively engaged in the Arts and thus beginning the cycle once again with their children. Arts and Culture has always been passed on through generations since time began. Gentle, healthy evolution on the way has revived its relevance and necessity for each civilization. It is something that we must never lose, so to preserve our identity, humanness and critical thinking ability for basic survival of those who follow our footprints. 

Anyway, much more on such topics to come! It is so nice to have a place to discuss informally. I am not an amazing wordsmith but enjoy piecing together my thoughts for those who wish to engage and perhaps even contribute! I also love the natural by-product of excellent Arts practice which is collaboration with others who are also passionate. Till then, thanks for taking the time to read from ‘La Bohme’ a forever evolving, mysterious place and people, who crave for the Arts but who ‘disregard conventional standards of behaviour.’ Forever going against the grain, pushing limits and helping others to see the world through a different lens!


Fiddlesticks came about during a deep and difficult time in my life. When I needed a Village most, I built one.
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